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Call us: + 44 (0)1534 888068 “The trade secret everyone can share.” Quality Paints, Wall Coverings, Clothing and Much More. Visit our Facebook page email us info@thepaintpotjersey.com Visit the website of Planet Logo Paint Workwear Wallcoverings Essential Items Celebrating 25 years of trading in 2017.

Essential Items

The Everbuild brand is not only hugely popular with tradesmen and DIYers - its quite literally huge - the biggest range in the business, in addition to core manufactured products which a wide range of ancillary items from sealant guns to dust sheets, line markers to masking tape make Everbuild the number one Range.

From an ISO 9001 quality system accredited by the British Standards Institute to CE approved products, comprehensive fire, acoustic and thermal tests through to the environmental standard ISO 14001, you have the assurance of dealing with a company that is setting industry leading standards in product testing and compliances.

Since 1974, Axus Decor have run a decorators merchant in North West London. Day in and day out, they listened to a "gazillion" opinions about various products, and learned a lot about what decorators like and don’t like. Their customers have said things like "If only they made this in stainless steel" and "This is a great tool, but the handle’s too short."

Axus decided to use all this information that they collected and create a tailored range of decorating products that was based upon this feedback, thus providing decorators with exactly what they wanted. In doing so, they have created a range of products that make a decorator’s life easier and leaves results that will impress.

The Hamilton name is synonymous with high quality decorating tools, unsurprising as they have been developing and refining their product offering for over two centuries. Their passion and expertise in creating the finest brushes, rollers and tools means they are frequently the brand of choice for decorators at any level.

Each tool is made using the finest materials and goes through stringent quality control procedures, resulting in excellent standards.

Maxim are leading producer of painting and decorating tools ranging from paint brushes to wall scrapers.

We stock a wide variety of Maxim products

Mirka  have a long-standing tradition and passion for perfect surfaces. Thanks to this genuine interest and focus, Mirka has become a world leader in abrasives technology and innovation.

They are the only company that develops and produces abrasives, tools and polishing compounds under the same roof. This in order to offer a complete solution and optimise the whole sanding process.

Mirka has converted the sanding business from dry sanding to dust-free sanding, which saves time, money and the environment. Dust-free sanding has significantly improved health and safety aspects for users of their products.

It takes 100 years for a tree to grow into solid quality. Osmo has gathered experience in working with wood during its 100 years of history. The correct handling, processing and long-term protection of wood as a natural construction material has always been the utmost priority.

Only a suitable wood finish can meet the needs of wood so that it retains its natural beauty and durability for a long time. To achieve exactly these goals, Osmo as a pioneer in the field self-developed its micro-porous, natural oil and wax-based finishes over 40 years ago.

In addition to work wear, Prep also offer a wide range of products from decorating knives, to ladders. wallpapering tools sanding accessories.  

Prep is part of Ciret Limited which belongs to the Storch-Ciret Group, the European leader in the painting and decorating tool industry, with an annual turnover of more than 200 million euros and over 115 years of dedicated experience. Ciret UK has a healthy company structure and responsible management policies, certified to ISO 9001 standards.

ProDec has the trade’s widest range of professional painting and decorating tools and accessories from paint brushes to rollers, dust sheets to tools, tapes to abrasives and much more.

It’s the complete solution to your decorating needs, and for ultimate performance take a close look at our ProDec Advance range that represents the very best today’s technology can offer.

Each Purdy® professional brush is an individually built tool, designed, formulated, blended and hand-crafted for maximum painting performance.

Only the finest raw materials are used, without exception. From formulation to production, each step in our production process represents a standard for hand craftsmanship and quality unmatched in the industry.

Toupret  develop and market a complete range of products that are required to prepare interior and exterior walls before applying a decorative finish. Toupret have extended and diversified the range to include a fascinating range of decorating fillers.

Toupret  offer preparatory base products and decorating filler solutions aimed at professionals, together with a range of fillers for the general public, via a professional and general public network.

Rota is a range of high quality paint roller sleeves provided by the Storch-Ciret Group.

Rota manufacture their products using the latest high quality fabrics with their thermo-fusion process to deliver trade specification rollers.

Our stock items include, Roller Refills made using a large variety of materials, Roller Kits, Complete Rollers, Extension Poles, Roller Frames, Roller Trays & Scuttles.

Owatrol produce a range of high quality, long lasting coatings which offer exceptional protection and superior finish. They pride themselves on our reputation as being ‘The Professional’s Choice’ and with products which have been established for over 70 years.

They currently create products for wood care, metal protection and numerous other items for the decorating market provide solutions for a variety of problems encountered by the professional and amateur alike including mould treatment and prevention, painting on shiny surfaces and in difficult conditions, getting a professional paint finish with conditioners and more.

Additional brands currently available*

* We only have a limited supply in stock